Introducing MVP Sport Imaging – the powerful, superior-quality production resource for sports radio.

Sports is our passion. With almost 2,000 pieces of production from award-winning creative directors and producers, MVP offers constant updates on a daily and weekly basis so you are always one step ahead of the competition.

Save time. Elevate quality. Integrate seamlessly with you voice talent.

  • Sound design
  • Music beds
  • Syndicated show promos and sweepers
  • Local show promos and sweepers
  • Attitude sweepers
  • Scripts
  • Seasonal sporting events


  • Five 30-second promos per week (Syndicated & Local Shows, Station Elements, Play by Play, etc)
  • Eight 10- or 15-second sweeps per week
  • Ten production elements per week (Callers, Host Bites, Beds, Sound Design, etc.)
  • Seasonal sports and holiday themed production elements (Football, Baseball, Basketball, NASCAR and Holidays)


  • All elements of Gold Package plus customized production determined by you!

For more information, please contact:

Michael Olstrom
Phone 973.494.2710