Records & Rockstars

It is our unrelenting belief that people have an unquenchable thirst for the stories behind the music along with the desire to do more than scratch the surface and that’s why Woods has returned to the airwaves with a show not unlike his hit series ‘Legends of Classic Rock’, only better.

“Records & Rockstars” features timeless music, 75-80% gold from the 60’s, 70’s, & 80’s, with 20-25% from the 90’s to now, in a one-to-three hour weekly program, and a 60-90 second daily feature, each designed to deepen audience appreciation for the partnering radio stations.

“Jeff Woods is like that cool friend who gets invited to every party because he’s such a great storyteller. He’s the guy with the coolest music collection, and knows a ton of behind-the-scenes stories about the musicians. Records & Rockstars is a must-listen show.

Hearing Jeff Woods talk about the rock music I love, makes me want to kick back with a fine cigar and a drink, dim the lights, and crank up the stereo.”

-Adrian “Gunner” Ludens, PD, Classic Rock 100.3 The Fox, Rapid City South Dakota

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