beyond reality radio

Taking Late Night Radio Beyond the Expected

Join Jason Hawes, co-creator of Ghost Hunters, and JV Johnson, publisher and editor of TAPS ParaMagazine, as they explore all things paranormal.

From ghosts to conspiracy theories and everything in between, Jason and JV attempt to explain the unexplainable.

Delivery Method:
Satellite – Tuesday-Saturday 12a-2a ET

Program director testimonials:

Beyond Reality is a refreshing and youthful approach to a proven content bin in the audio world!  These guys are known to a younger demographic from their popular tv work and bring a new twist to the compelling paranormal world.  Jason and JV are affiliate friendly and eager to please your dedicated late night audience.

Tim Wenger, WBEN, Buffalo, NY

Beyond Reality Radio is a nice change of pace for our listeners, and a show that they are reacting positively to… interactive, live weeknight talk that embraces chat and social media and is on a completely different tangent than just another re-hash of the news & politics of the day.

– Kasey Johns, KJCE, Austin, TX

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