a 5-hour weekend country party show!

The universal symbol for a good time is now a 5-hour weekend country party show! It is the perfect show for stations looking for a multi-dimensional party with requests, shout outs, artist-driven music features and some “mix” segments without turning the station into a rave for 5 hours.

Designed for today’s country listener, RedCup Country is the soundtrack for Friday and Saturday night. Imagine the music for a tailgate party before the Kenny Chesney show….it’s all party-themed music from Jason, Miranda, Luke, FGL and much more!

RedCup Country is hosted by Sean “Coop” Tabler,former night host for CBS Radio’s WYCD Detroit and currently the AMP Radio morning show personality. With tattoos of Michael Jackson on one arm and Garth Brooks on the other, Coop lives the perfect blend of country and party.

And Country stars chime in with their favorite RedCup party song requests. Every hour of the show we feature aMASHVILLE™ Mini-mix….4 hot country songs mashed together and beat mixed…perfect for the dance floor!

The RedCup Country app will allow listeners to send requests, dedications and shout outs right from their iPhone or Android.     Country radio needs a dynamic show for weekend nights that captures the vibe and energy of today’s music.  Programmers have been looking for a show that is fresh, fun and tech-savvy for the connected audience.  RedCup Country delivers it all with a music mix you might hear at a tailgate party or a local club.


For more information, please contact:

Michael Olstrom
Phone 973.494.2710

Air Time: Friday and Saturday Nights
Delivery method: Digital Download
Host: Sean “Coop” Tabler
Length of Show: 5 hours