British Classic Rock

Dominic Forbes is a British music radio producer and presenter, specialising in British Classic Rock. His programmes can be heard across the world on FM, MW, DAB and the Internet.

Dominic comes from BBC local radio and from a time when it was considered creative to pick and choose the music you would play. Rock music is Dominic’s passion, from the 60s to today.  He saw Guns ‘n’ Roses before they were famous, and once nearly got knocked over by Sharon Osbourne at a Ozzy concert. Another claim to fame is that he was an extra in the Monty Python film ‘Jabberwocky’.

He has interviewed everybody from Jimmy Page to Randy Bachman and Fred Turner, Bryan Adams, David Coverdale and many more. His unique interviewing style has been described as a fascination with what the guest has to say, with no ambition to overshadow them. They are the stars and the people the audience want to hear.

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Host: Dominic Forbes

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