The Best of Today’s Country

Lia is the only local sounding national radio show. She’ll give you the local spin and professional sound that you need to win at night. Lia plays the best of today’s Country music and brings Country’s A-list of stars to your station each night.

The Lia Show is a very artist-driven program with loads of interviews from the top names in the country music industry and many from the film and television industries. Whereas in its infancy, it focused primarily on country music, the show has branched out considerably and has featured several high profile celebrity guests, such as Jenny McCarthy, Bill Engvall, UFC fighters Chuck Liddell, Forrest Griffin, and Matt Hughes, Piers Morgan, Larry the Cable Guy, Chelsea Handler, Jorge Cruz, and many more.

The show contributes a measure of its success to its caller hotlines. Putting on caller-intensive shows allowed for it to become more emotional and real.

Lia’s ratings make her a win with stations and her upbeat, genuine personality has made her a star with her fans. Lia is the local authority at night on 160 stations and more than 2 million listeners.

For more information, please contact:

Michael Olstrom
Phone 973.494.2710