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Bob & Sheri don’t really need an introduction. While most female-targeted talents played it safe, Bob & Sheri disrupted the status quo by daring to talk about real life, the way their listeners do.

Their secret? Focusing on the topics that unite us, women and men, Canadians and Americans, whatever. Bob & Sheri weave topical subjects with personal experience. Their content compels, entertains, informs, and surprises. Bob & Sheri win because they create a large following and inspire great loyalty.

Bob & Sheri engage audiences because they are authentic. It’s fresh, improvisational content. Marriages, divorces, family drama and tragedies. It’s creates an intimate relationship. No politics, no bits, no gossip updates… just pop culture, children, and sex and relationships. Bob & Sheri is equal parts Entertainment Tonight, Redbook, The Today Show, and Cosmo!


Bob Lacey is the long-suffering partner of Sheri Lynch on Bob & Sheri, heard in more than 40 markets in the US and in Europe and Asia on Armed Forces Network. Bob began to lose all sense of good judgement when he voluntarily left a cushy job as a reporter for the lifestyle TV show PM Magazine, where he traveled the world interviewing swimsuit models, yacht designers, champion surfers, and celebrities. The end of day would find him chatting up locals in the hotel bar, all on the company dime!


Sheri Lynch is an award-winning broadcaster who fully expects to panic and be eaten first in the coming zombie apocalypse. You’d think she’d have a little more game when it comes to the undead since carving out a unique career in the radio business, co-hosting Bob & Sheri. Sheri is also the author of two best-selling books and possesses a Master’s in social work. She puts that degree to use all day long, both in the studio and at home where she and her husband Kevin lay claim to 8 or 9 kids, a small herd of dogs, and an entire battalion of cats.

Praise from Programmers

“Bob & Sheri have been solid performers in Grand Junction. Our main competitor is a heritage CHR with a longtime, local morning show. They’re a formable foe but Bob & Sheri continue to rank inside the top five A25-54 and fourth A18-49.”

-Ray Michaels, Mix 104.3, Grand Junction

“Bob & Sheri have been winning for us since 2007. Unlike other national shows, Bob & Sheri sound like they are in OUR studio every morning. Aside from engaging content, their willingness to help with production outside their show, coupled with the ability to insert local content inside the show, creates a seamless day.

-Sara Sumner, Program Director

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